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By cakebyshannon, May 16 2015 06:05PM

A few weeks ago, I was contacted about making a birthday cake for someone on a strict Paleo diet, that also had to be vegan. I've made paleo treats before, but nothing on this scale - this order was setting up to be a challenge, and I do love a challenge.

The paleo diet is based on the theory that humans have not evolved that far from their cavemen ancestors, and our bodies are not equiped to deal with processed foods, grains and dairy. Which immediately eliminates most of your regular cake ingredients, and making it vegan cuts out the eggs... so my chocolate cake required some out of the box thinking and a little bit of a " cross your fingers and hope for the best " attitude!

Eventually, this little beauty was born - a two layer, 8" carrot cake base, filled and covered with chocolate avocado buttercream, and topped with raw chocolate. It's not terribly sweet, it's rich, it's decadent, and it's even won over non vegans!

The paleo cake has become a best seller at Cake! and is receiving rave reviews! ( I challenged the customers to work out the unusual ingredients... they couldn't work them out! )

" Thank you so much!!!! One very happy first time trying a vegan cake and it's lush!! Would highly recommend "

" We will be ordering again!! Absolutely delicious cake and you had us stumped lol. Thanks again. Will be in touch for next order "

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