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Alternative Cakes

By cakebyshannon, Sep 15 2015 01:35PM

With the government advising everyone to cut back on the amount of refined sugar we eat, you would think that a small bakery like myself would suffer. However, I have seen more orders leave with happy customers this past few weeks than I have in a while!

One great thing about being able to tailor cakes to individual needs is that I can work to most diets - I've done cakes for those on a paleo diet, I've made energy bars for clean eating gym bunnies, I've made fat bombs for those following the ketogenic high fat-low carb diet, and I've made many, many refined sugar free treats.

When customers want a treat, but also want to keep their healthy lifestyle on track, I'm delighted to be able to bake them tasty, healthy cakes that satisfy their sweet craving. I've made raw snickers bars and refined sugar free snickers cupcakes ( with caramel filling! ) and gorgeous, fruity muffins. I've made paleo chocolate cakes and red velvet with sugar free frosting. And the customer reviews are speaking for themselves! ( check out the facebook page for more info and to see what customers are saying. )

My next task is getting ready for Halloween, I'm coming up with some fun spooky treats for the occasion! Stay tuned for more information on that, and remember, no matter what lifestyle you are living, diet you are following or allergy you have, I can come up with a cake or treat suitable for you !

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